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Originally Posted by Bigmista View Post
If this is your first brisket, I would keep the seasonings simple so you have a frame of reference for future briskets. Salt, pepper and maybe some garlic powder. Fat cap down to protect the bottom. Trim off the really hard parts of the fat but leave everything else. Keep the brisket as far away from the heat as possible. Take lots of pictures and post them here.
Post if you need help. We will be happy to give you pointers and walk you thru it.
When the guys see this long post their gonna do this but I love brisket so im gonna give you my 411.
First off I agree with both Mista's posts, secondly if this is your first brisket chances are you may screw it up so be prepared (I screwed up like 5 before I got an edible one). Stick with the basics and listen to what the guys have said and yours may be great the first time around. LOL, I didn't have the Brethren for guidance when I started out so your lucky Steeb .

But as far as brisket goes, use a simple rub...salt, pepper, garlic powder. Or buy a commercial rub from the store or a butcher shop that specialized in brisket or beef. I would not use sugar!!! in my opinion brisket gains nothing by being sweet and the sugar will just blacken anyway. Depending how long you want to fool with it I would cook it low and slow. 225 for about 1.5 hours per pound. Use a meat thermometor to gauge the internal temp but don't go through the point, insert it through the side into the thickest part of the flat going all the way into the center (if you have no idea what im talking about just post a reply, someone will fill you in). When it hits 190-195 its done, carry over heat will take it up another 3-5 degrees. Or another very smart way you can tell is take a metal or wooden skewer and stick it into the flat next to your probe thermometor when it startes to reach these temps. When it goes in like your running it through room temp butter its done! If you feel any resistance, even the slightest let it keep cooking. Check it every 3 degrees after 190.

I hope it turns out well man. I would buy a whole brisket if you can find it and cut a lot of the fat off in between the point and the flat then smoke it like you would anything else. If your short on time try the fast method listed above, 325-350 and it should be done in about 5-6 hours but the internal temp test is a must!!. Good luck brother and post a pic of the finished product. We all love to sound smart and feel even better when our advice helps someone turn out some great Q OK, im done rambling and being a know it all I swear. Boy I love this place!!!!!!

P.S. You may know this already but im gonna tell ya anyway.....make sure, make sure, make sure that you slice it AGAINST the grain of the meat. You can tell by flipping it over and looking at which way the meat fibers run. I would cut off 1/2 inch of the tip so it helps you slice the correct way when it's cooked. So if the grain runs east and west, cut north and south. Ok I really am done now I swear.....
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