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Originally Posted by willkat98 View Post
I agree with Mista, no sugar, S&P.

Medium to Medium Well is a steak setting. Forget it. Medium brisket would be tough. I won't even say Well Done, for that is a steak term. You want temperature

Personally, I would take it up to 165* internal, wrapp in foil after spraying thouroughly with apple juice, then return to the grill until you reach 190* internal.

I would then remove and place, still wrapped in foil, in an empty cooler. If none available, then two targe towels wrapped around it will work.

After about 2 hours or so, CAREFULLY unwrap. It should be juicy, possibly very juicy.

Open in a pan to retain those Au Jus juices.

Slice to pencil width thickness (if it doesnt just fall apart )

So that's what the cooler's for in all of those 3-2-1 methods. Makes sense - I was thinking you were putting the meat in the fridge (yeah, sounds dumb now, but I figured you guys knew what you were doing.)

Thanks for the lesson on the temp. I'll probably do just as you said above. Now I need to go out and buy a thermometer (should have had this already) and a spray bottle for the apple juice. I'm excited - this is gonna be fun.

Just to clarify, you're recommending 275*-300* rather than a lower (225-250*) cooking temp for this, right?
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