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Originally Posted by Bigmista View Post
If this is your first brisket, I would keep the seasonings simple so you have a frame of reference for future briskets. Salt, pepper and maybe some garlic powder. Fat cap down to protect the bottom. Trim off the really hard parts of the fat but leave everything else. Keep the brisket as far away from the heat as possible. Take lots of pictures and post them here.
Post if you need help. We will be happy to give you pointers and walk you thru it.
So you think I should hold off on a rub that includes sugar? That's probably a good idea, since I'm still way green when it comes to this stuff. I'll try to remember to take some pictures - I have a decent digital camera that should get the job done.

Is there a set temp that you like to aim for? I've read 160, 180, 185, etc. I generally like my meat medium to medium-well, if that helps at all.

Thanks again for all the help. You guys have taught me more in a morning than I could have learned on my own in a week.
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