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Default Brisket Seasonings?

I'm about as new as you can get to the fine art of smoking and was hoping to get the advice of some experts. I'm thinking of trying a brisket and was wondering what you guys use to season yours. Is it just something like salt, pepper, and garlic? Do you use the same rub you use for ribs? None of the above?

I'd really appreciate any advice you can offer. If it helps, I'm using a Weber Performer (gas ignite, otherwise it's charcoal) and I have been using woodchips soaked in water for the smoke. So far, I've only used hickory (which was a little strong for my taste, but I may not be using it correctly) and apple. I also have a bag of oak, which is what I think I'll use for the brisket - unless you guys suggest otherwise. Thanks in advance for your help!
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