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This is an entry...

The Fatty Gravy Stuffed Fatty En Croute!

It all started with a Naked Fatty and a crazy idea

We had a fatty throwdown a couple of years ago that coincided with the Chicago area summer picnic, and it was a lot of fun cooking my entry at the picnic, so I did it again this year.

It all started with a naked fatty...

Jimmy Dean Sage sausage cooked to 165 internal, and then cooled and refrigerated overnight.

The next day I chopped the fatty along with some onion and jalapeno...

Then I sauteed the peppers and jalapeno until tender...

Then I added the chopped fatty, seasonings and flour and cooked that down for a while. I also added a tablespoon of butter since the fatty didn't have much fat left.

Then I added some milk...

That cooked on low heat for about 10 minutes until it was thick and bubbly...

I took some of the gravy and put it into a gallon ziploc bag and formed it into a log (of sorts ) and put that into the freezer.

The next day I took a Jimmy Dean Maple fatty and flattened it out in another gallon ziploc...

and then put the frozen log of gravy on top of it...

I wrapped the fatty around the gravy and sealed it up and put it into my Hunsaker drum until the sausage was cooked...

Once that cooled it went into the fridge until the Brethren picnic the next day (yes, this was a 4 day process ).

At the picnic I wrapped the fatty gravy stuffed fatty in biscuit dough (this turned out to be a tactical error. Puff pastry or even pie dough would have been better, or, using home made biscuit dough, but I ran out of time for that).

Of course, I had to take pictures

Photo by ChicagoKP

Photo by ChicagoKP

Once I wrapped it we put it into Shagdog's Shirley cooker...

About 40 minutes later (I didn't time it, but that sound right) the biscuit dough was nice and golden brown and the fatty was heated through so I set up the presentation...

The herbs are hiding a couple of areas where the biscuits were separating. This was my tactical error mentioned above.

Apparently it was popular

And, the money shot!

Please use this picture

This shot points out one more tactical error. I left the gravy thick so I could form the log easier, but it didn't ooze out when the fatty was cut. If I do this again I will leave the gravy looser.

But, it didn't suck, and was decimated within a few minutes!

And that, Brethren and Sisthren is my entry into the fatty throwdown,

The Fatty Gravy Stuffed Fatty En Croute!
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The Naked Fatty!

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