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This past weekend at Terrell I overcooked my briskets. Started them at 8:15 pm, both were about 11.5 pounds. I figured about 15 hour cook, give 'em time to rest for a 3:00 pm turn in. Just for grins, I checked the temps at 8:30 Sat morning and both were at 205.

Pulled 'em off and let them rest in a hot cooler for a couple of hours. Then seperated the flat from the points, wrapped the flats in foil and stuck them in ice till 12:30. Sliced them up, laid the slices in a pan and poured the juice back over them and put 'em back on the smoker till turn in time. I didn't place, but overall I was pleased with how they turned out in the tray. Everyone that ate what wasn't trayed just raved about them.

Found out the thermometer in the pit was about 70 degrees lower than actual pit temp. Came out with a new name for the pit though-MICROWAVE.
Can't believe I cooked two 11.5 pound briskets in 12 hours. I'm learnin' with each comp though.
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