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Hey Ron,

When you say you coolered the briskets did you mean a hot or cold cooler?

I've had pork done at 6am before, what I've done is (this would work for brisket too)...

let the meat cool and then into a heavy duty plastic bag and submerge in ice. An hour or so before turn-in slice the cold pork or brisket and lay on a 1/2 sheet pan. Glaze with some hot sauce cover with foil and gently heat up the slices in your cooker. Took 2nd in pork that day.

I think thats legal

Originally Posted by Pig Headed View Post
This last weekend at Salisbury I think I kind of salvaged one. I put 2 on at 10:00PM on Friday and they were both finished by 3:45AM!! The temp never went past 300 to my knowledge and not for that long of time. I coolered them ands figured that there's no way they'll be edible by the 1:30 turn in time. I mentioned it to Tuffy of Cool Smoke (who won the event) and he told me to put them back on a low heat to make sure they are @140. One was too dry to turn in (9.5 packer cut)but the other one a 7 lb flat was not tooooo bad. Came in 30th. out of 60. At least it was not a total loss.
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