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Default Grilled pizza tutorial W/pics

Real Simple
Make up two zones on the grill a hot side and warm side
Hot side I usually run at 3 seconds of my hand over it until I have to pull away.
The warm side only has 4-5 pieces of lit lump under it.

Make dough and get toppings ready

put flat dough on hot side of grill leave until bottom is browned about 45 seconds -1 min rubbed down with EVOO

Flip over onto warm side of grill brush EVOO on the browned side

Place on sauce and toppings

Close lid and let cheese melt once its melted slide back to hot side to crisp up bottom of the crust usually no more tha 1 min pull off grill

3 pizza's done and eaten in a hurry.

Its the real deal brothers some of the best pizza I've ever eaten and I'm not just saying that ask any one who has had it. Most people request it when we have em over for dinner. Really ought to try it.
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