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Originally Posted by Ray Zorback View Post
Hey. I posted the need for a 55 Gal Steel Drum on CraigsList and here is a response I got: I'm looking for some replys to his concerns. What about the metal being too thin? & What about this "thermo sensor" & "turbine fan"?
Sounds like he knows alot about enginering & not much about smoking, but are his arguments valid?
I sent him to this site and BigMista's site to do more research.

Thanks! I'm new so I don't know much about all this stuff.
Hi Ray,

That guy is right about the material being thin, but since upright drum cookers are a vertical style, and because you are cooking direct instead of indirect, a different heat flow is present and they cook differently than an offset design. Listen, I've had my drum for one year and they are great cookers. BigMista's summary pretty much tells it all. There are plenty of posts here that praise this style of cooker and it's attributes. I have plenty of action photos of my cooks as well, but the nicest collection of drum cooking photo's (that I have seen) are on the BDS site. There are 60 in all, everything from A (as in ABT's) to T (turkeys). Make sure you check out the 4 or 5 pictures of whole shoulders. They put the B in barbecue and they come out perfect when cooked on a drum.

Click HERE to check them out.

Edit: I have a guru set-up for my Eggs and a adaptor for my BDS is only $10. I'm sure I will at some point in time, but so far I haven't seen the need to set it up yet.

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