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somebody shut me the fark up.
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The person who sent you that probably hasn't spent anytime learning to manage a fire. There are several reason the drums work well as a smoker.

1. The charcoal is suspended above the bottom so it doesn't get choked off by ash.

2. Airflow is restricted so burn times are extended. Some drums have held temp for 24 hours without reloading.

3. Meat is suspended at least 24" above the charcoal so the temps are lower at the grate than they are right over the fire.

4. Have the fan to help control the temp is a convenience but it isn't necessary. Once temp locks in, yo can generally count on it to stay there for at least 10 hours.

5. In a drum, the melting fat drips on the fire, evaporates and comes back up to add flavor to the meat. That's something you can't get in an offset.

6. Offsets are more work. Nothing wrong with that. Some people think of the fire managements as therapy and they like to do that. Just a different kind of cooking.

I hope this answers your questions. If you have more, we are all happy to answer them.
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