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Question CraigsList Discouragement

Hey. I posted the need for a 55 Gal Steel Drum on CraigsList and here is a response I got:

"Personally using 55gal barrels for a smoker is crappy idea. I speak from experience. The metal is too thin to effectively control the temperature for good barbeque. It would be adequate for grilling but for smoking it will only produce a very low quality product. Even if you installed a thermo sensor switch and a turbine fan. Hardwood burns closer to 500 degrees so you would need to suspend it with a grate of some sort if you want the rig to last for any extended period of time. That's why a good smoker has a separate cast iron firebox for the wood and a secondary heat source on the product side."
I'm looking for some replys to his concerns. What about the metal being too thin? & What about this "thermo sensor" & "turbine fan"?
Sounds like he knows alot about enginering & not much about smoking, but are his arguments valid?
I sent him to this site and BigMista's site to do more research.

Thanks! I'm new so I don't know much about all this stuff.
Bye for now,

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