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Default Sat. Cook - Guidance needed

Heya guys/gals.

Saturday I am having people from where I work come over for some food:
BBQ Pork
Chicken beasts
-Dinner time is set at 6:30 / 7 pm.

My cook time window without getting up crazy early is - 8.5 hrs(8 am to 4:30pm) with a 2 hr rest time. -But will alter if.....-

I often smoke butts with the fast track method (kickassbbq) with positive results and am not worried about that as much as the brisket (less forgiving). I am a total newbie in this class...

I am torn as to, if I should try and do the fast track on the brisket w/injection. (kickassbbq) OR try and use the whole time availiable to smoke it. <---This is where I would be lost on what temps/time and such...

- Already bought a 10.34 lb Packer Choice...
- I am smoking on the larger offset that was made by Oklahoma Joe's but they seem to have be boughtout by someone else? Its the Competition model ???

Just really nervous as the people coming are from work and I'll never hear the end of it if the food sucks.....very unforgivin people.....

Just looking for a lil guidence
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