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Ok. Getting close. My custom basket ala OldBob arrived and it is great. PM if you want the name of the Brethren who made it for me.

I put mine on 4/4 wood blocks to burn it out too.. they caught on fire and then caught my grass on fire. Lovely. :-)

Couple questions -

1. when I screw the pipe nipples in they aren't very secure. When I then screw the covers on them I can't tighten them without the pipe nipples getting loose. the same thing happened on the one I screwed the ball valve into. I bought some high heat silicone to seal it up with. If I use that around the pipe nipples will that be strong enough to keep them tight when I put the caps on?

2. I finally found a used weber kettle for $30. I haven't got it yet, but will I have to do anything to make it fit the top of the drum?

3. Am I not going to use my stick burner anymore after using this drum?


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