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Default Corned Beef/Pastrami

I have been brining a brisket for the last 5 days. The TQ reciept call for 5 days per inch. Today was day 5 and I thought it would be ready, was gonna vac seal the flat, but it was a little cumbersom so I cut off a hunk. To my surprise it was almost complete, but still about a 1/2 inch in the center not cured. I measured the cut and it was just shy of 2 inches. Back in the cure. My question to anyone who has experience or knowledge in this, can I over cure this thing? Should I let it go five more days, this is a wet brine. I dont know if you can see the very center cut of the meat but it is a different color. A few pictures showing the progress.

Is it true that smoked corned beef is pastraime? If so, can you cold smoke the pastraime and then finish it in the pit. A friend in the CBBQA has lent me a cold smoker attachment for my 075 and ask if I woud do some testing for him.
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