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I use one slice of bacon per lb. of beans, sliced to about 1" in length. One tomatoe per lb. of beans, chopped (prefer roma if they are ripe). 1/3 choppend yellow/spanish onion per lb. Seasoning is 1/3-1/2 TBS. garlic powder per lb. and about the same for paprika. Add water to cover by 1". Add 1 cheap beer.

Everything goes in a crockpot and cooks on low approx. 18 hrs. Towards the end of the cook I'll adjust seasoning to taste (this is when I add the salt). When the beans are done, and cooling I'll chop 1 Cup of cilantro and mix it in. Feel free to add a little cumin for a little Tex-Mex flavor. During the last hour you can also toss in a few chipotle peppers if you like for a little more complex flavor.

I usually use a large slow cooker and do 3 lbs. at a time, and freeze leftovers. They keep VERY well and are handy to be able to pull out of the freezer for a side, or as an entree with cornbread.
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