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Default Bigmista Balcony Barrel Smoker II

Bentley and I had a great time working on the new Barrel Smoker. I showed up at Bentley's place at about 9am with my nice green barrel, some hardware that Norcoredneck picked up for me and a pallet that I got for free from an auto body shop around my house.

When I got out to Bentley's, we decided the the best plan was to burn the paint out of the inside of the barrel first. Bentley pulled out the chainsaw and cut the pallet into pieces and despite his sister's reservations we started a fire in the barrel.

It was interesting how the paint on the outside burned off. Looked like a Jamaican Fire Barrel.

Well as the fire was burning good and hot and the paint was starting to come off in the bottom of the barrel, we heard fire engines in the distance.

Bentley's sister, not in the mood for a $5000 fine, made us put the fire out. Of course when we hit the fire with a hose, it sent up a big plume of steam which freaked her out even more.

Ironically, the fire engines weren't even coming in our direction but there was no way she was going to let us start another fire so we moved on to plan B, the wire brush. This slowed us down a bit but after an hour or so with Bentley's head stuck in the barrel (I did some too!) we got most of the paint out of the inside.

In the meantime Bentley was working on a small catering job. I thoughtfully brought a small token of my brethren appreciation. This is Bentley rolling a double fatty...

The Traeger was chugging along...

Next we got to work drilling holes for the bolts that would hold the grates and the airflow valves. We went with Norco's idea of using pipe fitting for the air intake.

I couldn't find a 30 gallon drum to use for an ash pan so I came up with the idea of using a terra cotta flower pot saucer to catch the ashes.

The charcoal basket became the bane of our existence. Our plan was to go to a metal shop and buy some expanded metal and fabricate one. Who know that all of the metal shops were closed the day after Good Friday? We couldn't find anything open and home depot was too expensive. We found some sheet metal that was thin enough to bend but it was also too thin to weld.

Bentley eventually found some scrap around his place and we pieced together a charcoal box.

We had a great lunch with the family of baby backs, cole slaw, fruit salad, beans, biscuits and choco cake. By this time we were too tired to add the handles and paint it but I figure I can handle that. It'll make me feel like I had something to do with the construction.

Thanks Bentley for all of your help! I really appreciate it!
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