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Originally Posted by Blutch View Post
Having a charcoal basket made for my drum and looking for dimensions.

I'm thinking the grate should be 22inches in diameter. then the ring about 18 inches in diamter and 10-12 inches tall?B
If you make the grate 22 inches it may be a PITA to get out to the drum. Mine is 20 inches, sits on the pipe nipples well, and I can get it out without much problem.

My ring is 18x6. When I was having it made I was concerned that it was too wide, but it has worked out well. I can't imagine ever having to load enough fuel to need it 10-12 inches tall but if you have material that size I guess it wouldn't matter.

Originally Posted by Blutch View Post

I'm also thinking of having the sides made of something solid. Any ideas, opinions or thoughts on this?B
I think this might interfere with the air flow but not sure. I would stick with expanded metal for the sides. I know that works.

Originally Posted by Blutch View Post
Also, if you use threaded pipe nipples, will they thread right onto the hole you cut or do you have to do something special? 7/8ths hole, 1/2 inch pipe?B
If you cut the holes with a step bit to 13/16 and clean up the cut with a rat tail file the 1/2 inch pipe nipples should thread right in.

Originally Posted by Blutch View Post
Also, one last question... Do you have to get the lid cut off of every drum or can you find them that com that way?B
If you can find a drum that you don't have to cut the lid off of (they are called open top drums) that is best. The lid fits nicely right over the roll on the tp of the drum. If you get a closed to and cut it out you will find it is difficult to get a tight fit for the lid.

Here is a link to a place on eBay that sells drums. You can get an idea from the pictures of the difference on the two types of drum heads.

Best of luck on your UDS.
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