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Originally Posted by Doorbusters View Post
Jeff, I have gone through this vicious circle for about 4 years now. If you are preparing food on site, and not delivering, you do not need any insurance or catering license. I have a Blue Springs Business license (just in case) and a $1,000,000 umbrella policy that covers me for whatever some dumbass wants to sue me for. The umbrella is fairly inexpensive when grouped with home and 3 autos, roughly $20 per month. As I have told my wife on numerous occasions, absolutely noone has EVER gotten sick eating my food, (she made me get the umbrella anyway)!

this is why i have became LLC if some dum ass wants to sue me the only thing that he can get is the business of beam boys bbq witch is the money in the business bank account and my bbq trailer that is it my house cars and boat are not part of the business

and i also have an insurance policy for 27 dollers an year on the trailer and contents

with this policy and the helth dept i can only cater 12 times an year that is more than i want to do anyway

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