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Default Taking a competition cooking class

If anyone is wondering if it's worth it to take a competition BBQ class I would say ABSOLUTELY!!!

Here are some reasons why:

I learned a ton at the recent DR. BBQ class. I took what I learned and applied it at my very first competition, and I won first place in chicken, fourth place in ribs, and third place overall.

Yes, it was a backyard competition, and yes there were only 7 teams, but with a number of the participants using this as a warm up for the Autry, it was a pretty serious competition. My son and I are very proud of our accomplishment, and can't wait for our next chance to compete. What a confidence booster this was for us.

I have talked to a few people who took the QN4U class in AZ recently. Every single one of them said they learned a lot, and feel much more confident about competing in the future. I even heard that a first time cook, with a brand new (still in the box) smoker, did extremely well competing against the others in the class because he did what Brent & Kim taught him.

I know there are a number of "accomplished cooks" who continue to take classes from others, and continue to hone their skills and up their game by doing so.

I'm finding out very quickly that this is not a cheap sport. When you look at the cost of competing in even just a few comps. a year, why wouldn't you spend a little bit of that money to shorten the learning curve.

Hopefully we will have more of these classes available to us over the next couple of years. I will definitely take advantage of them when ever possible.
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