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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Man I forgot this one and probably shouldn't admit it but what the fark.

I made a fool of myself the 2nd time I ever used my chimney starter. I kept hearing you guys rave about a chimney starter so I bought one.

Well, the first time I used it things went well. I had never seen one used before so I was on my own. I read the directions on the wrapper (somewhat) and it said to use this wrapper to start the first fire. So I pulled off the wrapper and shoved it inside (Yes inside) then I loaded the briqs on top of it and lit it. It worked fine! man I was impressed!

So I had some friends out the next wknd and I whipped out my almost new chimney. I shoved some newspaper down inside and loaded the briqs on top. Farkin thing just smoldered and never would get going. I got pissed. Kept telling my friends this thing is the cats ass and it gets briqs ready in 15 minutes. They just shook their heads. I finally gave up and lit my briqs the old fashion way. I was embarrased and pissed!!

My friends still to this day wont let me live that one down.
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