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Originally Posted by jsimonson0
So 'splain me this:

How does one "control the smoke" when one is cooking with wood? Controlling the heat, I get. Is having several types of wood available the answer?
Same way you do it with any fuel....... be it charcoal, lump, wood or even gasoline, by ensuring that you have the proper air fuel mix. You dont want your pit smoking like a beast anymore than you want your car smoking.

The trick is how much air are you going to supply to the fuel (in this case wood). The more fuel the bigger the fire, the more air the better the fire is what an old timer once told me. That and "seasoned, dry hardwoods" lol

Now the best way that I have found to be able to make a fire like that is by having a few friends come over on a regular basis and drink, eat and critique you while you play with fire.
Sean Keever

"What sort of people are these charcoal masters? They behaved badly and were unconcerned with appearances. Their hair was long and unkempt and their clothes were wrinkled and old. They drank beer to and from the crab house and they made rude noises while we cooked." Tao of Charcoal
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