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Default Thanks MR.Mike

Wow, so you dont use a lot of Propane. That would suck though if you lower the heat and the flame goes out for all those

Yea, the fellas mentioned a metal smoker box and fill it with damp Mesquite chips. The whole slow and low deal I believe definately has to be a whole day thing. Watching the cooking like the guys in KC and down south, ya know?

What foods could you do the whole Mesquite chip thing with?

I would think steaks wouldn't go well with that smoker?

Stuff like Braut and Kilbassie and stuff?

I would like to try it this summer, but do a Mesquite smoking for like 2 to 3 hours it possible?

With wet chips in tinfoil and holes punched in them.

Seriously guys, what would be a good starting food for a beginner with the smoker technique and a good recipe you recommend.

Thanks for all the help.
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