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Default Thanks for the answers....I thinK? lol

The question about my friends gas black grill basically torching itself and all of your answers were very helpful and yet hysterical at the same time.

Again I would love to BBQ instead of grilling however you probably would go through a lot of Propane using the Grill but barbequeing on slow and low for hours.

Looked at many Smokers and thought about it before the grill I bought, however, theres the quick wet and dry Mesquite in a poked holed tin foil method that can smoke the food as well.

Hey,,....I'm learnin'..I'm learnin'. lol lol

Not for nothin' but those Travel Channel shows of KC and Texas BBQ cook-offs are UNREAAALLLLL!!! Man'...thats good BBQ!

The best of the best I.M.H.O originated down south! Hats off! A history lesson on the History channel originates the BBQ on the plantations of the south.

Thanks for your responses. lol
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