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Originally Posted by Greendriver
I searched and peep at about 4 pages of threads trying to find info on this subject and didn't find it, so lemme ask the pros. Does it work, and / or would you do it? It's a pain the arse to find brisket here and I was thinking if I did find some or found a place to order some I might have to buy a case or something. Also I got this situation right now where I got my two brisket for upcoming context in the fridge and now I have found me a better looking couple of Prime briskets and was thinking about freezing the first two. What say ye?
I see no problems freezing briskets, expecially if they are in the cryo. Probably wouldn't leave them for more than 6 months and use for comp. When thawing, some say that a longer thaw in the fridge is best. The idea is that it is more of an even and gradual thaw. Less likely to release juices during the thaw.

Example of this is thawing a skinless chicken breast on the counter versus in the fridge. The counter thaw usually has the chicken swimming in a pool of water/juice by the time it is thawed. Less likely in the fridge. Probably not as much of a concern for a dense cut of beef like brisket, but a general practice that I try to follow when I can.
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