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Default A weird habit that helps with BbQing

Constantly wash hands and I always remember the days of my dad using that big oval porcelain dish with the raw steak on it, take the steak off the plate and then grill the steak...taught me to wash it off inside before putting the cooked steak on the plate on the way to the table.

Man' o' Man how important it is to stick to that with all raw foods before grilling or BBQ'in.

Also I like to constantly clean as I grill! Nuts right? lol I always wipe any drips and glazes or marinades that are on the grill handle or holding trays etc. Hot, hot water with paper towels, always keep up on your grill.

Every season take the porcelain plates out and clean em' and those fat containers for the drippings. Like a car I tell my buddies, you take care of your grill, it'll take care of your savings. lol

Clostridium Difficillus or C.Dificile is NO joke. Thats a nasty case of a bacteria that will cleaaaaaaan you out!

Better to have dried out raw washed hands then doubled over.

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