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Default What kinda fuel do you use in your UDS?

I will be building a UDS this weekend. I have a few tweaks to add to everyone else's designs and I'm looking forward to getting dirty this weekend.

I was wondering what kinda fuel other UDS owners are using.
Anyone use Kingsford and then tried another batch with Lump.
What was the difference?
I can easly get Cowboy brand and BGE brand lump.
Does anyone have experience with either?
Will it be harder to keep consistant temps w/lump vs kingsford?
What about burn time?
I'm going to search the forum for some answers and any UDS owners or anyone who uses a direct fire cook method please chime in.

I'm new to the forum and I must say this is great forum with a ton of BBQ Fanatics.
Doesn't get any better. TIA!

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