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Originally Posted by WineMaster
With "Time" being one of the most seen problems isnt a Butt done at 170 degrees and if pulling or chopping you could extend cooking time in the cooker by 2-3 hours before 190 or so.What Im trying to say is, on a lot of Que, Isnt there a pretty big window from when it gets done, Till the time that its overdone. This said, knowing that your not too hot or throwing any or little smoke to the meat?
I don't know about the 170 temperature. I tend to take mine up to 190-200 or so for pulling (or when the bone will come out clean) and for slicing, maybe 185 or so....not a real precise number for that.

I've also seen butts hang around 160 for alot longer than expected before the temperature starts to rise. I think that's why alot of people will say not to go by just temperature and/or time, but by feel and the way the meat reacts to the touch and how easily a probe will slide in and out. Once you get a feel for that, you can fine tune things.

Each cut of meat cooks at it's own pace and behaves differently than the one before, which is why things like temps and times are a general guide and not precise. I think that has alot to do with it being art and not science....
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