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Some great stuff here...great post!
I remember back when I first started using an offset, One major problem I ran into was not paying close enough attention to the "fall" I had on my pit when I set it up. I had it filled with shoulders on day and all the grease drained into the firebox.....needless to say...."houston we have a problem" I was still pretty green then and it took me a while to figure out I needed to shut off the air to the fire.....I opened the main chamber door of the pit and nearly lost my eyebrows....not to mention alot of good pork...Lesson learned....the hard way...
Just a year or so ago I had a couple guys I had been training on the smoker (Texas Legend),I was out of town for a couple days and they had about 800 lbs. of Leg quarters on the pit.......yep you guessed it !! I recieved a frantic phone call at about 7:00am saying there was a fire and about 1/4 of the chicken had been burned up!!.......another lesson learned...Note to self...remember to harp more on the newbies about which way GREASE DRAINS!!!! BTW it drains the same direction as CHIT rolls...If you know what I mean

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