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Taking good notes was one of my biggest problems.
I like to have a good note pad for keeping track of meat weights like porkbutts.

I like having a watch and a clock to keep track of times of when meat goes on, gets turned and or flipped or even basted. Keep a written log of when to do what and then do it and document it.

I also have a caculator with me for quick caculations of cooking time.

I like to have a dial thermometer for air temps. That too I use to caculate cooking times, as well as fuel usage in the colder weather or damp rainy days.

Another thing I learned after my first all niter contest was I didnt bring a change of clothes and footwear. We had 3 massive back to back T-Storms come through and we all soaked to the bone.

You must be comfortable when Q-ing as well as at a contest. If your not happy your Q will suffer.

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