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Ummmm, I first have to thank Phil for my introduction to the cooler method.
More times than I can count he's mentioned it in many other threads. I'd never tried it untill this past weekend.

To make a long story shorter, for super bowl(late Saturday nite) I went to Sam's to get me some brisket and ribs. Wouldn't ya know it, all the untrimmed briskets that I have to ring the bell for, and bust the butchers balls for were all gone. At least thats what the farker behind the window said.

Anyways, all they had left were the trimmed up flat bottoms. Like farkin 3.5 - 4 pounds!!!!! WTF!!!! am I gonna do wit somptin like dat????

Well, beyond my better judgement(like I got any a dat chit stored up somewhere) I went for it. I thought....5 hours tops and it will be done, if not and it turns out as chit, I'll beat it to a sorry death and we'll have tacos instead.

I foiled at 175ish, let it sit for another hour-declining heat in the smoker 200-. Resigning myself that I have succeeded in making shoe laces, I then I had to go to my kids karate, so I threw it in a cooler where it sat for another 2 hours.

UNFARKIN believeable that a dumb arse like me could produce something so juicy! I don't mean like juicy when you cut it and juice goes everywhere. I mean that sombitch was still juicy for left over frenchy dip sandwich's 3 days later.

I am forever humble with the knowledge gained here. Thanks again Pooh!

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