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Originally Posted by tjus77

Now I will say that I use a therm. on pork butts. But I had one this weekend that wouldn't hit 170 to save its life. Wrapped it and put in the cooler, came out perfect, but it only reached 160 and stayed there for 2 hours. Not sure it wasn't a therm problem. But I checked it several places and all registered between 160-165.

I will agree with you that temps are only guidlines ,and I also have had briskets tender below "optimum" temps....but....they are definatley the best way to insure that your doing the same thing every time.Something that is a must for newbies ,IMHO.....I ruined many a good brisket before I got the hang of it and still do occasionally,ussually it's because I tried something different.....Not that there arent new techniques to learn but consisteny is the key .All in all the foil at 180 and put in a cooler guidline has worked for me for years...
Also, on the butts not wanting to go over 160....I've had them stay at certain temps..( ussually around 150-170) for EVER, then by some magical push BOOM they go advice for newbies is paitence,patience,'ll come .

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