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Originally Posted by BBQchef33
I hate to be the odd man out, and this is only one technique, whatever works for others is great too.

In my pit, once a brisket reachs 180, temperature is irrelevent. I stop looking at temps and pay attention to the feell of a probe going into the flat at a nearly horizontal angle. once there is no resistance, i remove it,foil it(if its not allready) wrap in a towle and let it reswt for a little while. Sounds like in your case, it needed a little more time, possibly some cooler time would have done it.

My point is, pay more attention to feel than temp. Waiting for a brisket to reach 190-200, when it was done at 185 will give ya nothing but dried out/overcooked brisket.
Phil, you hit it on the head. I was amazed when I joined this group on how some were so bent on what temp to do whatever (foil, rest, juggle). A brisket is done when it is done, these temps are quidelines. I've had a brisket "loosen up" at 170, I had one that I about threw into the ditch, because it was at 195 and still hard as a rock, then bam it was fine (the only reason I know this was I was experimenting to see if what I was reading here and elsewhere online was really true about the temps).

Now I will say that I use a therm. on pork butts. But I had one this weekend that wouldn't hit 170 to save its life. Wrapped it and put in the cooler, came out perfect, but it only reached 160 and stayed there for 2 hours. Not sure it wasn't a therm problem. But I checked it several places and all registered between 160-165.

My advice, keep on trying, you'll hit it sooner or later. Like you said it wasn't bad, just wasn't as good as some others. It is like riding a horse, the more you do it, the better you look doing it.
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