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Originally Posted by Piedmont
Have any of you noticed the ribs being tougher the next day (that is, if you have left overs!) after cooking faster on the UDS??

Most of the Rib Joints in and around the Chicago area cook ribs and rib tips fast but if you have leftovers, the next day they are tough. That is the trade off of faster cooking from what I've observed. It would interesting to know about this method.
Never noticed any toughness issues and since my drum has so much more room than my Eggs, I usually cook extra so I'll have some to freeze. If I load both grates I can really cook some weight.

To offset the 20 to 30% faster cook times on things like ribs, chicken or prime rib, just go with a lower temp than you usually use. I was warned and it still took awhile for me to get used to it. I almost overdid the two tri-tips in this picture. I didn't stick them until the third flip and when I did they were 115. The thermometer saved, them and me. I still like cooking butts or briskets in 10 hours so I stay with my usual cook temps on them.

PS .. Keep your eye on fatties, at about 230 pit temp, they will be done in 2 hours instead of 3. You have to turn them sooner too or they can get too dark.


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