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Alright brethren... I did my first cook on my newly built drum smoker this weekend. I did 2 racks of spares, a nearly 8 pound butt, and one fatty.

I made sure to go to church yesterday and repent as I felt I was cheating all day while cooking. This thing is too easy. I started out with about 14 pounds of Kingsford briqs in the Minion Method. Of that I used about a heavy half started in the chimney. I also added 2 small chunks of hickory and 2 small pieces of pecan. It was unbelievably easy maintain the desired temp. Just get it there, adjust the ball valve a little and it just stays there. I did notice that when I was going to tend the meat the temp would go up quite a bit afterwards. To battle this I found it helpful to close all the intakes for just a couple of minutes before I took the lid off. Then after I was done tending I would reopen and get it right back to where I wanted it. After 12 hours there was still plenty of coals left for another couple of hours. To my great surprise there was also some of the wood chunks left. Still had sweet blue to the end!!

Cooked the ribs 3-2-1. They were fall off the bone good. Next time I will foil for less time to get a little more pull.

The butt took longer than I thought to get to 200 but when it did it was awesome.

Here are some pics:

Ribs and fatty... love that pull back

Ribs sliced

Ready to plate with Cock of the Walk coleslaw and beans flavored with tasters

Butt after pulling - sorry for no pic of the butt prepull.... it was getting late!!!
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