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Originally Posted by Kirk
After some research, I keep coming up with the "2 hour rule" that usually applies to cooked perishables but I've seen it refer to uncooked as well. I am still interested in your info Joe. I'd appreciate some direction on where to find it in writing so that I can put this argument to rest with my buddy once and for all. I guess I could give a call to the local health inspector too ans see what he can tell me. Thanks in advance.
I am pretty strict on raw food storage. I would let chicken sit out 20-30 minutes without batting an eye. An hour would start to concern me, unless it was really cold before coming out.

Plus, not that this deals with your safety question, but there is at least one certain well known and succesful BBQ author and competitor who claims to specifically let chicken come toward room temp before barbecuing for appearance reasons.

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