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Originally Posted by Norcoredneck
How far are your grates from the fire? I have ways of making the cooker with no welding. Real simple. If people want I will word document my ideas. But as everyone knows there are 1000 ways to do the same thing. Only problem I have is it will probably upset Rocky at BDS. I would have bought one of his but could not justify the cost with shipping and all. I have a couple of welders a plasms cutter and a gnarly set of toos. i had big plans but found simple approach the best. You could do this without minimal work, believe me. Maybe if Mista is ready for an addition I can help him and he could sharpen his photo/fabrication skills along the way. Don't have time to proof read, excuse spelling.
Post the document if you want to. Rocky did not invent the barrel cooker... It's been around for years!

Rocky builds a good cooker, but one can build one for much less than the purchase price of a BDS... I built my first one years ago, long before Rocky was selling them and the design was not new then... My first one was built for under $10. My dad had a barrel and I picked up the grates on clearance for $2 each. A few nuts, bolts and a couple of drill bits later I was cooking! My original has rusted out now, so I'm planning on building another one this summer... This time I will have to buy a barrel so it will cost a bit more than the first one. This time, I will use a fire ring from a WSM and I think I will copy that ball valve idea from this post for the intake! Gotta love that fat in the fire flavor!

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