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Originally Posted by Norcoredneck
How far are your grates from the fire? I have ways of making the cooker with no welding. Real simple. If people want I will word document my ideas. But as everyone knows there are 1000 ways to do the same thing. Only problem I have is it will probably upset Rocky at BDS. I would have bought one of his but could not justify the cost with shipping and all. I have a couple of welders a plasms cutter and a gnarly set of toos. i had big plans but found simple approach the best. You could do this without minimal work, believe me. Maybe if Mista is ready for an addition I can help him and he could sharpen his photo/fabrication skills along the way. Don't have time to proof read, excuse spelling.

Hey Norco, I just pm'd ya'....I'd love to see the plans !!!

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