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I would be interested in anything you want to share Norcoredneck. I have been going over yours, the EDS, and BigMista's. I was a foreman in a machine shop (CNC and traditional machining) for 5 yrs. I have the skills, slightly limited on tools unless I do a little government job or two at the powerplant my Dad retired from, which is doable. What a shop.

Anyway, gathering a plan and figuring what I want to do is all I've done so far. Couldn't have got "shorted" because I haven't bought anything. These are just barrels I have on hand. Measure twice, cut once. Just want to get the max I can get out of the project. If I can figure in more space this farkin thing will still cook only one chicken wing if thats all I want that session.

My barrels seem to be the most common 55 gal. size after about 45 min. of googling barrel manufacturers. The 33 inch is the inside height, which is what I measured on mine because it's all that matters. I could only find 35 inside height so far while staying in a 55 gal. size. Found 85 and 110 gal. if anyone wants to really go BIG.
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