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Originally Posted by ultramag
As many as I can. Pork Butts are my main thing I was looking at. I was using some barrels on hand for measurements. They are 33" tall. If I have my charcoal ring 2 -3 " off the floor, 24" to the bottom of the first grate, and say even 5" of heighth on the butts that leaves me an inch or two space for a top grate and its contents.

Most generally 3 or 4 butts bottom grate, and couple briskets up top would be OK, but I figured if I had the kettle lid then both grates could be used for something as tall as butts and drunk violated chickens.

I went out and remeasured to be sure I was right. I have 3 55 gal. drums at the house. They are all 23 - 23 inches outside dia. of the lip the lid seats on. The Weber lid was 23" exactly.
If you already have the drums, that is most of the cost....You could always build 2. LOL

I have a 43" tall X 23" diameter drum giving me 6 or 7 inches between the top grate and the flat lid. Using both grates I can do 6 full packers or 8 butts, but there is some rotating required, which is something to consider. There are 27" diameter drums out there too but they are hard to find. I do most of my cooking on the top grate (at 30 to 32 inches above the charcoal basket) anyway.

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