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Originally Posted by Bigmista
I can cook four briskets at a timewithout the weber lid on. How many do you need to cook?
As many as I can. Pork Butts are my main thing I was looking at. I was using some barrels on hand for measurements. They are 33" tall. If I have my charcoal ring 2 -3 " off the floor, 24" to the bottom of the first grate, and say even 5" of heighth on the butts that leaves me an inch or two space for a top grate and its contents.

Most generally 3 or 4 butts bottom grate, and couple briskets up top would be OK, but I figured if I had the kettle lid then both grates could be used for something as tall as butts and drunk violated chickens.

I went out and remeasured to be sure I was right. I have 3 55 gal. drums at the house. They are all 23 - 23 inches outside dia. of the lip the lid seats on. The Weber lid was 23" exactly.
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