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Yes....Fatties Rule!!!

I must say, the Fatties that I enjoyed in the late 80's and early 90's are not the same as the ones I enjoy now(MUCH THANKS AND BIG MAHALOS to the BBQ Bretheren for that). Keep them simple, and they are a thing of beauty.

Farmer John and Jimmy Dean are thieveing bastards! You mid west gents have wasted too much money of your hard earned money making these men rich.

Fins fatties have been the cheapest of the cheap. I mean, like the ground sausage wrapped in celiphane at Stater Brothers that costs 96 cents, rolled and rubbed in whatever is left over in my fridge. Sombitches taste so good they turned my skinny vegan niece back into a carnivore(she also dumped her loser vegan boyfriend).

Most importantly, I smoke them on my ECB that was rescued from a neighbors trash(not to mention salvaged and modified also with the help of the Bretheren). Hallaluja!!! Its a freakin beautiful thang brothas!
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