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Default Update: Got 7 12 pounders going. Food Porn!!!

I got 7 of the 9 I need going about noon today. 4 in the Dera (got a couple on one shelf and 3 on the silver smoker. Kinda cold here today. In the 50's so It's a challange to keep the temps up in the Dera. Been holding around 250 to 275 now. The silver smoker is so much easier to get and keep up to temp, but gotta watch the bird close to the firebox. Got a deflector mod on there along with another foil mod for today's cook. I think I'll spray em good again with apple juice around 5, then foil em and see if I can get the temps up to 300 or so for a coupld more hours then check the temp. The should be done. They would have been on for 6 to 7 hours. Then off to the coolers and then the freezer for a re-heat on turkey day. Thanks to all you brothers for the help. Gotta love The BBQ Brethren. Now for the porn. I'll post more when they are done.
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