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Originally Posted by Wi-Doe-Maker
A couple months ago I went to Sams in Albany NY..CLOSED!!!!..I asked one of the janitors what the deal was and he said the store is closed for warning to the employees or anything, the employees showed up for work as usual and they were all informed that Sams was now defunct in Albany!!!..This store was always so darn busy it was insane..WTF??? Indeed!!!!..Wi-Doe
That happens in NY quite often with national chains. I think basically the home office of the chain sees it as a smaller profit. Example, i love going out of state and eating at Perkins for breakfast, they opened one here on Long Island and the place was packed day and night but it closed, reason being corporate sees the same volume and business here and say florida and the cost of operating the store is far less in FL than NY. Even though its making making money its not enough, that swhat the manager told me at the Perkins before it closed
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