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Default Sams Club gone ??????

Went to Sams Club today to p/u 2 brisket flats and 2 pork butts for deer camp. Was planning on smoking them tomorrow and chilling for deer camp for chili and pulled pork sammies. Sams Club meat dept. mgr told me ..............your the third person today who wanted brisket and butts today. I aske why they didnt have any and they told me. We were told not to order them as their not in season now. WTF? Went and checked out, stopped by customer srvcs. Asked them why no briskets? They said whats a brisket? OMG now im really getting miffed. They said go back to meat dept. and talk to mgt. I told them I did and was sent here. Ladies said hey we dont know what to tell ya. I said isnt this cust. services? They said yes so I asked to speak w/store manager. He isnt here. I said ok and probably wont renew my membership. They told me to go and fill out a complaint card and stuff it in the bitch box. I did but doubt if I will go back after my card expires. I realize im up here in Michigan but is this the norm in the warmer sections of the county while we freeze our arses off during the winter months? Just wondering here and thanks for any comments. Sure am gonna miss my brisket chili.

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