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JimT, I havent used the anchovies in my batch of banga cauda. But I do enjoy canned sardines. Not sure but I think anchovies are just very salty little fish. I made a half-batch. 2 sticks of butter. One can each of creamed of chicken and mushroom soup. Then added a quarter cup of chopped jared type garlic. Added 1/2 pint of cream to the heated mixture. Yes we have reheated it 3 times now and to us taste just as good. I assume anchovies add extra amounts of salt to the blend. The nearest store to us that even carries cream is about 30 miles round trip. So when I get a wild hair to whip up something I just use what I have in stock. Next time I will add some sea-salt and some white ground pepper. We have used this dish as a dip for cooked and fresh veggies. Also its great on crusty bread and as a gravy for mashed potatoes. It would also make a great white sauce for pasta IMHO.

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