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Originally Posted by kcpellethead

I can't recall if I've cooked with straight hickory or not. If I did, the pellets came from Branch Creek. I've cooked with 100% apple, 100% cherry, and 100% pecan for sure. Oh, and Osage Orange. My meat was darker with the cherry, but the flavor change was so minor. Plus, it took a lot more pellets to achieve the same results.

You folks are mostly cooking with 075's, while I'm using FE-100's. I'd think there might even be a little difference in our cookers, but wouldn't know exactly what.

One thing about pellets, be careful about heating fuel pellets. They are very inexpensive but use a petroleum lubricant when extruded. Supposedly food safe pellets are extruded with vegetable based lubricants. It might all be bunk, but I can purchase my pellets cheap enough that it's not worth the risk of burning any petroleum products in my pit no matter how minor.

Some folks swear by different wood pellets. It's not that I don't believe they make a difference. However, for me, I just don't see enough of a difference to warranty the expense or effort of using those products.

I've now read this whole thread. Great discussion.

Cool. We are hoping to sell our stick burner and invest in a FE-100 as well.
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