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Wow . . .glad to see there is so much talk about pellets and pellet cookers. I have not read the entire thread, but I will tomorrow. To answer the questions about pellet blends and types of wood. I started out using a Pennington pellet that Fast Eddy sells. They are 60% hickory, 40% oak. Since, I've tried just about everything under the sun. Blends, straight fruit woods, Osage Orange (hedge), you name it. I always go back to that original blend for two reasons. One, you need a wood with high btu output. Oak is excellent for that. Hickory is pretty good too. When I cook with 100% fruit wood, my cooker burned significantly more fuel without noticeable different in taste. Which is my second reason. Pellet cookers burn fuel more efficiently than most other pits. So, the different woods just don't change my flavors enough to warrant cooking with them. In fact, they pretty much smell the same. So, dance with the one that brung you, and for me, it's that original 60% hickory, 40% oak blend. Plus, they're cheap!

Good question Todd. Hope this helps answer it.


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