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Originally Posted by jpw23
Did a little test fire this evening......seems to burn hotter( had to adjust the dampers a bit) and seems to burn longer, guess that goes along with being bigger than the regular charcoal........just might go back and buy another 200 pounds.
You may want to wait a little bit and experiment some more. If you try to maintain a small fire with that stuff it will go out on you. Kind of like trying to heat your house with wood that's not quite seasoned (not that I've done that). 1 brick of K will burn by it's self until it's gone. Not so with Sam's choice, in my experience. A single brick requires several buddies to give him moral support, and cheer him on to finishing. Leaves a lot of ash too. But I have not tried that stuff for several years. They could very well have switched vendors and offer an entirely different product than I tried.
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