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Default Pellet smoker 'General' guidelines ??

... some helpful Brethren made some interesting posts on my initial Thread re. a recent Traeger Texas Style 075 purchase. As I try to come up to speed with the nuances of pellet burners, I hope there are some Brethren guidelines that can help me find the 'sweet spot' approach that makes the most of what these cookers can do. Clearly, I'm referring to 'non-smoke' type cooks like chicken , large pieces of fish, turkey or turkey breasts, ....

One comment I noted was start in the 'Smoke' or 180*F mode for the first 30 minutes or so and then crank up the temp to the appropriate range for the product. Did I get this right ?? ... and ... are there some other gems of wisdom to put out such great Q that wifey stops asking "why did we need another cooker" .....

I truly feel this is a great complement to the BGE and there's is not much I should'nt be able to smoke or cook proficiently with some time and expereince under my belt.

Any good thoughts from you capable pellet professionals ??

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