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In MANY states, if you are catering a Private Party you DO NOT need to have a license from the Health Department.
You MUST cook ON SITE.
So, all I do is Private Parties. I go in, smoke their meat, get the check and leave.
I do not Low Ball. I charge 75.00 per hour with a 6 hour minimum and they pay for ALL meats. My only cost is for my wood and fuel for the truck.
If I can't make 500.00 for smokin' meat, I ain't doing it.
I have insurance and I have never gotten sick from cooking or made anyone else sick and I have been cooking for 40 years.
I do agree that it can happen that someone can get sick and blame you, so be careful and keep insurance.
So, I do not compete with caterer's in the area. They provide a complete service, I don't.
I don't serve, clean up, take soda pop, forks, spoons, deserts or plates. I smoke meat, that's it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Smoke On!!!!!!!
Smoke On!!!!!!
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